Tuesday evening in-person Sangha

Tuesday evening in-person Sangha

at Tuesday evening in-person sangha

These in-person sangha evenings are a new venture within the Falkirk district area, and it is hoped that they will develop as we deepen our practice and meditation together, we meet at The Age Concern Hall Main St, Stenhousemuir, Larbert FK5 4BL (Next to Dobbie Hall) there are disabled accesses at this venue. If you would like to join us, please email   info@forthvalleybuddhist.com you will be made most welcome. 

So, what to expect, for one a warm and friendly atmosphere, We will have a small shrine set up with flowers and a Rupa ( in Sanskrit it means form) or statue of the Buddha, there are chairs, mats, and cushions for meditating (or bring your own), the first part of the evening is normally a meditation period, followed by a tea break then in the second period we may have a talk related to Buddhist teachings, poetry readings, or just having a checking in on how our meditation practice is going.  We also, sometimes have guest speakers from Triratna Centres or Sangha Groups who will lead the evening. (Program for our evenings will be available shortly but please still come along in the meantime). 

So, what is Sangha? 

Sangha is a Sanskrit word for community. Traditionally it referred to all the enlightened men and women who have come before us but more simply put means the community of monks and nuns in the Buddha's time. In the Triratna Buddhist Community, the sangha is our community of practitioners – the people with whom we practice and share our spiritual lives with.   The guidance of more experienced friends and the support and friendship of others are especially important because Buddhism is an approach to life, not an abstract philosophy. The Buddha once said that spiritual friendship is the whole of the spiritual life, and we see friendship as the whole of the Triratna Buddhist Community.

If you are new to Buddhism and looking to find out more or even just wish to learn meditation you will be assured a warm welcome, for more information email info@forthvalleybuddhist.com 

We are looking forward to meeting you.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book before coming along

No, you are not required to book, but this is not a walk-in event please email us if you wish to attend in the first instance

Do I need to be a Buddhist

No, but you should have some interest in Buddhism and meditation.

How much does this class cost

There is no fixed charge for this class, but we do hire the room for the evening, so any donation (Dana) would be most welcome (just give what you can). But don’t worry about donations just come.

What if I am new to meditation and Buddhism but would like to learn more

Please do get in touch for more info and any questions you may have.

Where to Find Us

Age Concern Hall

Please email, for the location and directions to the class