Tuesday Evening In-Person Sangha Program


Triratna Buddhist Community Stirling Tuesday in-person Sangha Evening Program 2nd April 2024 to 25th June 2024 


Theme Mind Reactive and Creative The Wheel of Life






Tuer 9th

DavidEvening of Mindfulness


Tuer 16th

KamalaMind Reactive and creative ‘The Wheel of Life week one - Introduction’


Tuer 23rd


‘The Wheel of Life week two - Hub, Karma, & Mirror Metaphor week’


Tuer 30th


‘The Wheel of Life week three - six realms part one’


Tuer 7th

DavidTalk to be confirmed


Tuer 14th

Padmajayini‘The Wheel of Life week four - six realms part two’


Tuer 21st

Kamala, Padmajayini, BarbaraBuddha Day Festival, program to be issued nearer the date


Tuer 28th

Kamala‘The Wheel of Life week five - The Nidana Chain’


Tuer 4th

Barbara‘The Wheel of Life week six - The spiral Path, the way of’


Tuer 11th

TBC or Rijudaya‘The Wheel of Life week seven – The five Buddha Mandal’


Tuer 18th

Kamala, Padmajayini, BarbaraSummer Solstice festival


Tuer 25th

TBC or Rijudaya‘The Wheel of Life week eight - The reflection on the mirror, next steps’
The themes and facilitators for each evening may change due to unforeseen circumstances, and the latest updates will be on the webpage https://forthvalleybuddhist.com/